Wednesday, April 13, 2011

BREAKING: Barry Bonds Convicted of Obstructing "Justice"

Courtesy Bob Wenzel at Economic Policy Journal, ex-Giants great Barry Bonds has been convicted of one count of obstructing justice. The judge in the case declared a mistrial on the remaining counts against him.

Barry in happier days.
Regardless of what you think of Barry Bonds as a human being, regardless of whether you think he deserves disgrace for his alleged "cheating", and regardless of whether your stomach turns at any mention of the Giants, please keep two things in mind here: the government has no right to punish us for willingly putting anything into our bodies if no one else is harmed in the process, and the U.S. government has zero Constitutional authority to investigate steroid use among athletes. Any time an American can potentially face a decade in prison for not helping the government illegitimately intrude into the lives of private citizens, we've all lost something, not just Barry Bonds.

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