Tuesday, April 5, 2011

There's Something Happening Here, But What It Is Ain't Exactly Clear

Yesterday saw marches by organized labor groups in a number of northern California cities, including Sacramento, Oakland, and San Francisco. Yet it appears, from Bob Wenzel's account of the San Francisco rally, they weren't necessarily clear on what they were marching for. This is something we've always wondered about union rallies: what exactly is the point? We're not collectivists, so we don't really get the whole "show of solidarity" thing. Can you really do nothing better with your time than walking around in public just so some guy in Wisconsin sees it on TV and thinks, "Hey, those guys are thinking of me"? If that isn't it, then you must be angry about something. Well, sort of: as Bob describes it, protesters in the San Francisco crowd seemed agitated by something, but unable to form a consistent statement as to what that was.

Our opinion? The events in Wisconsin and elsewhere are just an occasion for these folks to play out an adolescent fantasy of shared struggle and brotherhood in the face of great evil. The cause and the enemy aren't important; what matters is that the experience indulges their fantasy.

UPDATE: Apparently the stupid was flying in Los Angeles as well. Thank you, Reason TV.

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