Thursday, June 2, 2011

Medical Marijuana Under Siege in Fresno County

The Fresno Bee reports that five medical marijuana dispensaries in unincorporated Fresno County were raided by over 200 agents of county law enforcement yesterday. Their crime? According to Sheriff Margaret Mims, making a profit on sales of marijuana. No arrests were made, but all the marijuana on site was seized, and warrants for bank and telephone records were served. Warrants were also served at two warehouses and five residences.

If you follow the politics of medical marijuana in California, you probably find it depressing to contemplate how far the present situation diverges from what was envisioned by Prop 215. Fifteen years on, we still have the Justice Department trying to shut down cultivators of the drug, and harassment of dispensaries by both municipalities and the IRS. And yesterday's events in Fresno County follow an attempt by the city of Fresno to ban the dispensaries. In both Fresno and San Jose, we've seen the predictable consequences of the "collective, cooperative cultivation projects" language in SB 420 (the law meant to clarify Prop 215's scope and application). If you needed another reminder that socialism doesn't work, this is it.

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