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8 Common Mistakes when Choosing to Buy Speakers

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Today, many people want to own a high-end music system, and it’s not a problem for many families. But in fact, not all people have the experience to choose the right speaker to use. Many people spend a lot of money on shopping to get a great sound system, but the results are quite the opposite. The article will point to 8 common mistakes when choosing to buy speakers for audio systems.

1. Buy Inconsistent Speakers with Your Favorite Music

Mostly when we go to buy speakers, we often listen to the CDs available at the store. So when you bring the speakers to home, you are disappointed in the sound effect of the speakers. Speakers do not meet your favorite songs. The simple reason is that the speakers do not fit the type of music you need. Each speaker will provide the appropriate music. For example, if you listen to rock music, you should choose American speakers, if you listen to classical music or country music, choose from Korean or Japanese speakers. Take your favorite CD to try out the speakers in the store, and check it carefully before paying for the speakers.

2. Speakers with Poor Design, Flimsy

Many people use LCD TVs, so they want to buy speakers to match the decoration. However, you do not care about the layout than the quality of the speakers, because you will choose to buy the weak and cheap speakers. Typically, low-level speakers have a short design, and the speakers are made of lightweight materials to save on production costs as well as shipping. Meanwhile, the weight of the loudspeaker influenced the sound quality. These high quality and expensive speakers are quite heavy and bulky design.

3. Selecting too Small Speakers Compared to The Size of The Listening Room

The selection of karaoke speakers is too small compared to the size of the room that is one common mistake when choosing to buy speakers for audio systems. If you use speakers with a small capacity for a large area of the room, your audio will be lacking, and have a negative effect on the actual sound quality. And this is a false investment.

4. Selecting too Big Speakers Compared to The Size of The Listening Room

The big speakers

Normally, a loudspeaker of great size and weight is capable of producing good sound quality compared to smaller speakers. But sometimes you get the opposite. If you put speakers in a small room, the sound would be heavy, and the bass would be tired. If you have a music room that is too small, then you should not use big speakers. The sound processing in the room with big speakers is tough and can not achieve high sound quality. You should choose a speaker that matches the room size. You should talk to the counselor at the store to get many pieces of information about the product. From there, you can easily choose the right speaker for your home.

5. Selecting Inconsistent Speakers with Your Home Sound System

Not any kind of high-quality speakers and amplifiers always fit together. You need to know how to choose the right speaker for high-quality amps, and this will allow you to enjoy the highest quality sound. The combination of sound equipment is necessary for a perfect audio system. For example, the speakers have little sensitivity and low impedance, and they are only suitable for high power amplifiers. This allows the speakers to take full advantage of it. If possible, you should bring your amp to try out the speakers. Or you ask the store about the same type of your amp, and then you pair with the speakers to work. You feel the music from them to make the right choice.

6. Buying Old Speakers Instead of New Speakers

The old speakers

You buy old speakers instead of new speakers because they think old speakers will give you great sound. Many people believe that old speakers have a sweet, warmth sound compared with new speakers. This may be true, but when we buy old speakers, the risk is very high. Parts of the speakers after an extended period of operation, they may not be as accurate as new, and the diaphragm may be damaged after a period of use. You also can not be sure about the stability of the internal components of the speakers. It is possible that the internal elements of the speakers have been replaced, and they are not as original as they were at the time of production. If you do not have much knowledge of the speakers, then it is best to buy a new set of speakers rather than choosing an older one. With the technology evolving, manufacturers are now able to produce speakers that reproduce sound with greater accuracy than older speakers.

7. Wanting to Buy Speakers Quickly as Instant Noodles

Not listening to the speakers with your favorite music, this will soon make you disappointed with the new item. According to the connoisseurs of music, it’s a good idea to list a lot of audio stores, and you do not forget to bring your favorite CDs when choosing to buy a new speaker. Even if possible, you should borrow the new speakers to check the sound quality in your room. You do not care too much about the advertisement of the salesman

8. Captivated by Deep Bass from The Subwoofer

You should pay attention to both the center audio channel, as well as the right speaker and left speaker. The deep bass sound is very seductive, but if you watch movies and listen to music, most of the sounds are high pitch and mid tone, not just bass. This mistake can easily be overcome if you thoroughly understand the product information. When you buy, you should listen carefully to the technical staff and ask to hear the sound of the speaker.